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Climate – England

In England the weather It is a complicated issue. It is often said that the four seasons of the year follow one day. There are many excellent days but there is no season where it can be predicted if it will rain. There are usually sudden changes over time. If you are going on an excursion, make sure you know the weather forecasts.

Sky in Stonehenge

We can say that winters They are very humid and relatively cold with an average temperature of 7ΒΊ and sometimes it snows. And the summers They are moist and fresh, with averages of 17-18ΒΊ. But there are rains throughout the year and mists and mists are very common.

English fog

It is not uncommon to find different weather conditions in neighboring sites. Wherever you go, always carry light clothes, warm clothes, an umbrella and the raincoat.

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