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Climate – Formentera

The weather on the island of Formentera It is Mediterranean, warm tempered. What causes that the temperature does not have great oscillations throughout the year.

Summers of Formentera

Rains are scarce, concentrated in winter and sunny days reach 300 in the year. For having flat land, the winds They are protagonists in Formentera. Especially in winter, causing the interruption of communications by sea with Ibiza. In spite of everything, the winters are mild and humid, with an average temperature that does not fall below 5º at night.

Autumn clouds in Formentera

Both the spring As fall they are very nice. Although occasionally there are strong storms with winds.

Formentera in spring

The summers They are warm and dry with average temperatures of 30º with pleasant southern breezes that refresh the environment. At night it usually refreshes, so it is advisable to add a light coat to your suitcase.

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