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Climate – Glasgow

The climate that Glasgow has is not similar to that of the rest of Scotland, and it is mostly due to its southwest location, and it benefits the Gulf Stream to the flow of the Clyde currents at the mouth of the Atlantic warming throughout the region. Thanks to the protection provided by the mountains and hills surrounding the Clyde Valley summers that are from May to September are characterized by being bright and long.

Mild weather

Although the weather is usually unpredictable throughout the year, the winters from December to February are mostly cold and humid. The maximum temperature can reach 32 ºC and the minimum at -17 ºC. Actually all the time is a mild climate and if one day it is raining, in five minutes you can change and sun rise. That is why we do not recommend you to bring warm clothes, nor very summery.

Wet in winter

With poles, drill pants and one or another jacket for when you feel cold will be fine, when you go for a walk on the banks of the Clyde River, do not forget to wear a coat because the humidity in the afternoons is usually cold around.

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