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Climate – Granada

Pomegranate have continental continental type climate, for its location between mountain ranges and for being 685 meters above sea level. Therefore its winters they are long and cold, with many frosts and summers, also long and very hot.

Climate in Granada

One of the main characteristics is the great difference between the minimum and maximum temperature on the same day, exceeding 20ºC in some opportunities.

Granada autumn

The rains They are non-existent in summer, especially they concentrate winter. Throughout the year there are approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine.

Spring in Granada

The Average annual temperature It is 15ºC and the hottest month is usually July, with maximum averages of 34.4ºC. The coldest month is January, with a minimum average of 0.3ºC.
Spring and autumn are probably the best times to visit the city.

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