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Climate – Holland

The weather from Holland It tends to be oceanic, temperate, humid, with fresh winds, and summers with moderate temperatures. The temperature ranges between 4 ° C in January and 22 ° C in July and August. Holland is really an excellent destination for any season of the year. While it is true that the greatest number of tourists arrive in summer because it is the best season to sit near the canals and enjoy the tranquility, winters are also interesting.

Holland in summer

You should only bring a lot of shelter because the cold is usually penetrating and rains more continue, although the rains occur all year round, in winter it freezes and there are places where skating is wonderful. At this time you will find the museums almost empty, so you can fully enjoy the tours.

Windmills in spring

We recommend you arrive and match the Koninginnedag, on April 30, Queen’s Day, a great party that takes place in Amsterdam for the Anniversary of the Monarch. That coincides spectacularly with the beautiful view that spring can generate, in April and May the daffodils and abound tulips.

Spring holland

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