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Climate – Hungary

The best season to meet Hungary is the spring, the weather at this time is mild although rainfall is not ruled out between the months of May and June. Visiting the country during this season is a spectacle. In general, Hungary is fortunate to be one of the European countries that receives the most sunlight during the year, as it usually exceeds 2,000 hours.

Warm weather in Hungary

In summers the days are long, with an impressive warmth and a really cozy sun. That is why during the summer months, the holiday centers are filled with people, it is usually in August that Budapest it is paralyzed, like other cities in Europe.

Summer in Lake Balaton

In very general lines we do not recommend to guide you from the station to pack your bags, try to check the weather information website in Hungary but above all, don’t forget an umbrella.

If you are planning your trip and you are not sure what season to do it, we will tell you that the autumn, as well as spring offers really beautiful landscapes, especially the hills that border Budapest. Avoid summer because the cold is so raw that many museums and attractions close.

Winter in the mountains

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