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Climate – La Palma

The island of La Palma is known for its excellent weather, like the rest of the Canary archipelago. Here, given the small extent of the island and the steepness of its relief, it can be said that it is like a small continent, and if the weather is bad you can change the slope and find perfect weather.

Throughout the year the weather is mild, with an average of 20º. Temperatures vary between 20ºC and 21ºC in January and from 26ºC to 28ºC in August, accompanied by a water temperature that goes from 18ºC in February to 23ºC in August.

The trade winds from the northeast they cool the island and bring rains that are scarcer in the west and produce lush vegetation. Thanks to this phenomenon, it is the only Canary island that supplies itself with water.

The Calima o Levante arrives in La Palma once or twice a year, blowing, for no more than 3 days, a dry wind that brings dust from the Sahara. On the coast temperatures do not rise so much thanks to the influence of the sea.
The weather can vary dramatically in a short time, so we advise you not to forget to wear some light warm clothes and, if you go to the mountains, waterproof clothes.

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