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Climate – Lima

Lima is known for its gray sky. Traditionally, it compares its sky with the belly of a donkey for being discolored and lead. But, in the summer season there is a lot of sun; especially in the months from December to April. The weather the rest of the year is mild.

Lima Weather

It is difficult to predict the temperature changes of the Peruvian capital. A bright sun may appear in the morning and last until the afternoon; and, that at night it starts to drizzle and the temperature drops considerably. Therefore, it is recommended that all people visiting the country have warm clothes on hand.

Lima in winter

The average temperature is 15 to 23 degrees, rising to 30 degrees in the summer.


This wide range of degrees makes it one of the few provinces in the country where it has such a variable temperature. Normally we will find provinces that are characterized by having, much of the year, temperatures below zero or more than 30 degrees.

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