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Climate – Lisbon

The weather from Lisbon It is among the warmest of Europe. The influence of the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic winds give it a weather soft and somewhat rainy where temperatures do not fall below 5 ° C.

During the summer, in the months of July and August many days are exceeded 30ºC, the minimum temperatures are around 17ºC. These two months are the least rainy of the year and it is rare to rain. In winter (December to the end of February) on weather It is cool and rainy, but temperatures remain between 8 and 15 ° C. Very rarely the temperature drops to more than 5 ºC, except in the coldest mornings.

The rains annuals are around 700 to 750 mm. In total there are about 100 rainy days a year, especially between October and May. Instead, between May and September the skies are clear. In general, the city has sun for a good part of the year, with 2900 to 3300 annual hours of solar brightness.

Thanks to your weather , Lisbon It is an ideal city for trips at any time of the year. At no time you will need clothes for extreme cold. The best times are usually spring and autumn when there is still good sun and tourist traffic is low.

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