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Climate – Malta

malt has the typical Mediterranean climate, the summers are usually extremely hot, dry and sunny, while in the winter it rains sporadically, but in general the climate remains mild. The good thing is that the cold season tends to last a short time, but we advise you to bring an umbrella because you do not know when you can take a dip.

Between the months of May and October the temperature it oscillates in 32 ° C, and the hours of sun can extend to 10 or 11; while from November to April the lowest temperature reaches 14 ° C, at this time the winds They are usually strong.

The best season to visit Malta is between the months of February and June that the weather It presents some rains but does not stop maintaining the freshness of the Mediterranean summer, in addition this is a low season, that’s why hotels get to lower their prices by up to 40%. The high season is from the end of June to August. If you plan to make your trip between September and October do not worry that they are also appropriate months to visit Malta.

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