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Climate – Morocco

The weather from Morocco it varies in each of its different areas (coast in the west and north, Rif mountains in the north, Atlas mountains inside, Sahara desert in the south and east).

The north coast (Tangier) and the Rif mountains they have weather Mediterranean. It is very hot and there is a lot of sunlight between May and September; and it is warm, there is sun and rain interspersed during the rest of the year. On the west coast (Casablanca), the weather it is similar (between 16.4 ° to 23 ° C in the year), but there is more rains, being especially strong in winter.

Inside the temperatures they are more extreme due to Atlas mountains. The winters (November to March) can be very cold, with temperatures below zero and snow, sometimes reaching -20 ºC. The middle area of ​​the mountains receives many rains in winter, especially between November and February. In both cases the summers They are warm and sunny, with temperatures up to 25ºC.

Different is the case in the eastern part of the mountains and the east of the country. That’s where the Sahara desert. The weather It is very dry, and by day it can reach temperatures of 38ºC; while at night they rush to levels below zero.

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