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Climate – Santander

The weather in Santander It is a wet oceanic type. The Cantabrian Sea regulates the temperature leaving it at a very moderate annual average of 10 ° C. The humidity It is quite high throughout the year and sometimes exceeds 90%.

The summers They are very mild with average temperatures that do not exceed 22 ° C. These are usually maintained until September. In winter the temperature is around 10 ° C, with a minimum of 6 ° C. The sensation of cold is usually higher due to the high humidity.

It should be noted that Santander undergoes abrupt changes in temperature due to the phenomenon called sweats. These occur when the south wind blows strong and dry. This not only increases the temperatures at more than 28 ° C (both in summer and winter), but reduces the humidity and rainfall This does not usually last too long. There have been cases in which it has only been for two hours.

When at rains, are well distributed throughout the year, but in winter They are produced with more abundance with up to 67mm per month. In summer, the rains are also present but to a much lesser extent. In total the rainfall annual are between 800 and 1,000mm.

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