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Climate – Santiago de Compostela

The Santiago de Compostela’s climate is of type wet ocean. This type of weather is characterized by being smooth throughout the year.

So we can find some average annual temperatures at 15 ° C. Summers tend to be hotter and temperatures range from 14ºC to 25ºC. In winter, the coldest month is January, with extreme temperatures of 4ºC and 11ºC. Which indicates that there are usually no very marked variations.

The rainfall They are especially concentrated in winter and can be extended to autumn and spring, with an annual record of almost 2,000 mm annually. With about 141 days with rains per year this community has earned a reputation as rainy, we recommend that you always carry in your luggage a raincoat.

Santiago de Compostela is located almost in the geographical center of Galicia, 260 meters above sea level and about 30 kilometers from the Atlantic coast and in the middle of the fertile countryside that characterize this area. It is part of the region called Green Spain along with the other communities of northern Spain.

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