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Climate – Seville

The Seville weather It is continental Mediterranean. With almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year we can say that the weather is excellent all year. The average annual temperature is 18ºC, which makes it one of the hottest cities in Europe.

Seville weather

From summers very dry and especially hot, in July there are daily temperatures of 35ºC, reaching 40ºC on many occasions.

Rain in Seville

The winters They are cold but without snowfall. January is the month with the lowest temperatures, with a minimum of 5ºC, very rarely they can go below 0ºC. Rains are concentrated in winter, especially in December.

Spring Y autumn They are the best times to visit Seville. It is not usually necessary to wear warm clothes, but it is necessary to wear very light clothes of natural fabrics, hat and sunglasses to protect you.

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