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Climate – Switzerland

The weather in Switzerland It varies depending on the location. The areas east and north of the Alps have a cool and dry climate, with average temperatures of 9 ° C, and with frosts in winter. South of the Alps the weather , normally warm and humid. Frost is almost unknown. In the Alps and in the highlands of Swears, the weather is cold and snowy, with frequent frosts above 1830 meters.

Swiss countryside

From July to August, time of summer the temperature is between 18 to 28 ° C. During the winter This is between -2 to 7 ° C. In spring Y autumn, the temperature of the day varies between 8 to 15 ° C.

The west of the country has the highest rainfall, being the city of Montreux the one that concentrates the greatest amount of rains with 260 mm per year. This due to the clouds that come from the Atlantic coast. The south also has heavy rainfall. For example, the city of Lugano receives about 175 mm per year. Both cases occur because clouds are blocked by Alps. Therefore, being protected by the mountain range, the north is much drier than the rest of the country.

Montreux in Switzerland

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