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Climate – Venice

Venice has Mediterranean climate. With mild winters and very hot summers. The sirocco wind that blows from the south brings the city a lot of heat and humidity. It is a fairly changing climate throughout the year, becoming a factor to take into account to organize our trip.

Between May and September the weather is warm, with occasional strong storms. The average temperature in summer It ranges between 25-29 ° C. July is the hottest month reaching temperatures of 40ºC. Since the humidity is very high, the sensation of suffocation is very high.

In winter The average temperatures are between 6-10ºC. It is very rainy and sometimes it snows, although it is not usual. Fogs are common and cause the cutting of vaporetto and public transport services, but that is not a problem in this city.

The floods that Venice suffers are known as High water, is a fairly frequent phenomenon especially in spring, autumn and winter. In November it is almost daily, and it affects up to 96% of the city.

Don’t forget your raincoat, your water boots and comfortable shoes. They are the keys to your suitcase.

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