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Climate – Vigo

The Vigo weather It is Mediterranean-oceanic transition, a microclimate within Galicia, with temperatures annual averages between 8.3 ° C and 20.5 ° C.

It has few temperature changes because the sea exerts a moderating action on climatic conditions. It is a mild climate with few frosts, of winters mild and rainy with minimum average temperatures of 8.3ºC recorded in the month of January, and summers dry and warm but not overwhelming with maximum averages of 20.5ºC in the month of August.

The Vigo estuary is one of the rainiest points in Galicia, with high rainfall and 1,918 mm annual records, according to sources National Institute of Meteorology. From April to September, rainfall decreases, to the point of having to use artificial irrigation systems for crops.

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