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Climate – Vitoria

The weather in Vitoria it is not so influenced by the Atlantic current, so it is drier and with lower temperatures than in the rest of the Basque Country.

The average temperature in winter it is around 4ºC, but there are days when it can fall to -9.5ºC. The summers they are generally soft are average temperatures of 20 ° C; however, the days when it reaches 35 ° C are not rare.

On average there are about 850mm of rain year. These are usually more common in spring and autumn, with up to 16 monthly days of rain. The snowfall in Vitoria They are scarce with no more than 12 days a year (all in winter).

Vitoria usually remains cloudy. On average it has 168 days a year of overcast skies, and only 33 days completely cleared.

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