Climbing in Alicante

This is a tour of the most important attractions of Alicante to practice climbing as this Spanish destination is one of the most requested by fans of adventure sports.

EscalaR in Alicante

Climbing Cemas: First of all we have this beautiful scenario that is located between Calp / calpe, and that has been designed for climbers or mountaineering specialists with extensive experience. The routes will keep you in constant activity, climbing walls with unstable surfaces and receiving the necessary equipment to climb the highest peaks. Prices from 20 euros.

Neptune South07 Climbing: In the heart of Guardamar Del Segura we find this wonderful recreational space to spend a nice family day practicing climbing. It does not matter if you do not have much experience, because here you will receive all the technical and professional assistance you need to master the different slopes that occur during an ascent. Prices from 48 euros.

Climbing in Alicante

Tramuntana Climbing: Located in Alacant / Alicante, climbing a rock wall has never been so fun since we visited Tramuntana Escalada, a true paradise in Alicante to know all kinds of rocky surfaces with breathtaking panoramic views. The site has routes available according to the level of experience of each athlete. Ideal for climbers with or without experience. Prices from 55 euros.

Hostel Ull de Canals Escalada: and if nothing you have seen so far convinces you, then it is time to go to Banyeres De Mariola, where this climbing center is located that will guide you step by step in your initiation as a climber. Receive all the necessary lessons to master this exciting sport and increase your resilience during a vertical ascent. Prices from 62 euros.

Scale in Alicante

Serrella Climbing: and to close with a flourish we have this beautiful destination that gives us the best landscape views of Alicante. Intense activity and a lot of adrenaline in between awaits us on the climbing routes of Serrella. Available at any time of the year and with highly complex levels designed for professional climbers. Prices from 121 euros.

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