Climbing in Madrid

Madrid It is a destination that offers activities for all types of travelers from culture enthusiasts to those looking to venture into the extreme sports. Then a tour of the most attractive places in Madrid to practice climbing.

Climb in Madrid

Sparta Leisure & Adventure Scale: Located in Collado Mediano, encourage you to put your skills as a climber on this high-risk route, ideal for athletes with extensive experience. At all times you will receive the assistance and monitoring of professionals who will guide you in the ascent to the highest peaks. Depending on your experience, the routes vary in length and cost. Prices from 47.5 euros.

Multiadventure Buendía Madrid: Ideal for climbers with little experience interested in starting in this passionate world. Walk a lot of unstable surfaces and get ready to receive the best professional assistance. Available at any time of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter), with prices from 30 euros.

Climbing Madrid

Alucinatura Climbing: located in the Pozuelo De Alarcón, here you can receive better quality assistance to participate in group guides through different mountains and tilt surfaces. At all times you will have the support of professionals to move up to different levels of difficulty. Receive a luxury service with all the comforts and exclusive views of the city. Prices from 375 euros.

Aldrun Sport Climbing: Every weekend is a good excuse to go through Aldrun Sport Climbing, which organizes different climbing routes through the Sierra de Madrid, an unforgettable experience that will allow us to learn to deal with all kinds of activities and circumstances. Climb mountains with privileged ascents that will allow you to see stunning landscapes. Prices from 162 euros.

Climbing in Madrid

Meridian Raid Climbing: Located in Cervera De Buitrago, this place was designed so that tourists, travelers, backpackers and families with children can spend a day of healthy entertainment, in the middle of nature and with altitudes of 9 meters maximum. If you want to take your first steps as a climber, do not hesitate to go to this center that has very comfortable prices (from 12 euros).

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