Climbing in Mallorca

If there is a reason why Majorca It has become one of the most requested and attractive spots for thousands of tourists from all over the world, it is for its ideal spaces for climbing, which offer different mountain areas and sequences according to our level of experience.

Scale in Mallorca

In this opportunity we propose to take a tour of the different spaces and hiking trails that Mallorca has to offer the tourist, with panoramic views of the entire city and an adrenaline-filled experience:

Mallorca Activities Climbing: Let's start with this exclusive club that specializes in providing tours full of excitement and difficulty for the more adventurous. Most of the tours that are scheduled usually include a pass through the best places on the island. The costs range from 60 euros.

Climbing in Mallorca

Experience Mallorca: Here is an irresistible proposal to spend a day full of adventure, landscapes and rocky surfaces. In total we are talking about a passage through three geographical and mountainous areas considered the most beautiful for hiking in Europe. And best of all, the level of difficulty required is accessible to all audiences. Prices from 55 euros.

Climb in Mallorca

ArtàMove Climbing: Now it is the turn to talk about this impressive route that has been specially prepared for those people who do not have much experience in mountain climbing and have an interest in entering this sport discipline. Natural spaces, uneven areas and outdoors, prices range from 60 euros.

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