Climbing in Montanejos

If you are one of the people who are looking for a natural place to do everything type of recreational activities, then we recommend you visit Montanejos. Get ready to enjoy an adventure in the heart of the Montanejos region, which treasures a wide variety of tourist landscapes and natural spaces:

Climb in Montanejos

The Mijares: First of all we have this beautiful destination that is characterized by its 2 km extension. It is a beautiful experience to climb the most privileged areas of Montanejos, as well as witness a vertical view of the city, with climbing days that can be guided by a group of specialists.

Scale in Montanejos

The Barranco De La Maimona: Unlike the first place, we are talking about a totally different scenario, which is distinguished by the moderate difficulty of its walls, in routes that can be done with an approximate duration of three hours. The good thing is that we can find here more than 600 climbing routes, with a privileged view of the whole imposing landscape of Montanejos.

Climbing in Montanejos

The Montan River: And now it is the turn to see this beautiful recreational space that, in addition to providing us with a wide variety of rocky surfaces and complex textures, also has some entertainment services. Ideal to attend in the company of the whole family.

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