Climbing in Tenerife

We rarely have the travel opportunity to a place like Tenerife, the perfect place to practice climbing, one of the sports that in recent years has been showing an emerging growth. That is why we invite you to be part of this privileged journey through the most important and requested scenarios for the climbing in Tenerife.

Climb in Tenerife

If you are thinking of travel around Tenerife, then we recommend you visit the following points, the same ones that have categorized classification for athletes of different levels.

One of the advantages that Tenerife offers us is the possibility of living with a panoramic view of the entire region, undoubtedly one of the most inspiring recreational spaces to enjoy a pleasant stay. Without further ado, here are the most requested places to climb in Tenerife:

Climbing in Tenerife

The Eight Climbing: Here we can find a good number of schools and workshops with the purpose of mastering these types of activities, classes usually demand about one or two days, with four-hour lessons. If you want to enter the world of climbing, this is an auspicious place.

La Orotava: Climbing has never been so exciting after walking around this peaceful setting, which allows us to visit nothing less than the national park of Tenerife, for many the best place we can visit. Best of all, here the experience of climbing takes place in small groups, so that there is some privacy for this type of activity.

Climbing in Tenerife

Saltpeter Climbing: and now it is the turn to see the benefits offered by this establishment, thinking of those athletes who want to improve their knowledge and skills to master the different levels of surfaces that arise when climbing.

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