Climbing on a glacier

In versiontravel You are excited to share with you the tourist destinations around the globe that offer a more dynamic and exciting way to discover natural wonders, and this is through adventures and excursions. That is why today we propose to climb a glacier in New Zealand!

Helicopter Rides

The largest glaciers accessible to man or to the tourist who travels to discover the beautiful expressions and natural manifestations, are in New Zealand, famous for its impressive natural beauty, diversity of ecosystems and a rich culture. New Zealand is also the PREDILECT DESTINATION FOR EXTREME SPORTS so you know all those who love to feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, then take a trip to the north of New Zealand.

Climbing a Glacier

To climb the famous glaciers you get specialized guides that bring together groups of ten, (probably a somewhat large one for those who do not have more experience) you have to make your way through the mountains and valleys of “Greymouth” on the west coast of the south of the island. From here to reach the glacier country “Franz Josef”Where you will easily spend a whole day. Then return to the People of the Queen to rest.

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

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