Club Penelope Madrid

It is located in Slavic Hilarion 36, 28015; exactly in the center of Madrid.

Penelope nightclub

The disco has a very large space that begins with a beautiful 25 meter corridor, which opens the way to a room that has an incredible 45 square meter scenario.

Penelope nightclub full of foam

Although it has a modern atmosphere, it has many statues of roman and greek style, in addition to glass lamps.
On the dance floor you can see several lights that help the disco environment, in addition to the laser as decoration.

Penelope disco lights

All this is to be able to give their customers a different touch to the common discos in Madrid, a distinction that will help the distinction.

Penelope disco dance floor

The capacity of the entire premises is for 1600 people, this amount is divided according to the areas such as the amphitheater, stage, special reserve and the dance floor.
The restaurant prepares the best catering trying to customize their menus, to demonstrate the difference with other stores to their customers.

Fun inside the Penelope Disco.

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