Clubs in Salou

The nightlife of Salou, Tarragona, stands out for its varied alternatives. Near the resort is Flashback, known for its pleasant decoration and its different music halls. It is also notable for its outdoor area, where tourists can go out for a drink. It is necessary to spend the summer nights.

Clubs in Salou

Prince Port It is a different proposal. It is perfect for techno house lovers. There is a guest every weekend, who is accompanied by Gogo’s Dancers To cheer up the party. This place stands out for its terrace with tables and sofas, which give it a minimalist atmosphere.

Clubs in Salou pirouettes

If what you are looking for is to take your best dance steps to the sound of salsa, Tropical wait for him at al Carles Buigas Avenue. But it is not a monotonous environment, but it alternates Latin music with the hits of the moment and songs that sound on the radio of these times. This place receives a large influx of fans, but you will always find a place and want to return, due to its comfortable facilities, and good music.

Nightclubs in Salou dancing

Dancing in the disco La Cage in Salou.

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