Cofete Beach – Fuerteventura

The Cofete Beach It is located in the municipality of Pájara, in the south of the island of Fuerteventura. Its location is exactly on the extensive coastline of Cofete, with almost 14 kilometers of fine golden sands, surrounded by the mountains of Crestería de Jandía.

The mountains there contain a mystery: the Winter House, a property built by the German Gustav Winter on land that Franco will give him. The legend says that he was a Nazi spy and there are many theories woven around this strategic location.

The coastline is divided in two by the Roque el Islote, that when there is low tide it allows the bath in sands of excellent quality. Cofete, to the south is bounded by the Roque del Moro, a place highly valued by anglers.

To reach it we must leave from the Fishing Port of Morro Jable. In 50 minutes of difficult road, which we already recommend you do in the SUV, traveling through the Jandía Natural Park, after a great ascent you can go down to the sea. The panorama you find is impressive.

The vast beach has the drawback of the wind that blows continuously through the north orientation. Bathing is very dangerous due to the strong waves. But the real charm is walking along the beach with such loneliness. Of course, the occupation is very low even in summer, which invites you to practice nudism.

Unfortunately for being a virgin beach It has no service. And the closest population is Morro Jable. Well worth getting to Cofete.

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