Culture and traditions

Colombian customs

Colombia It has a rich history, tradition and culture that make it one of the most visited countries in South America. That is why many agencies in the world offer to make you know the most beautiful places and the warm people of this nation. Below we will indicate some of the best known customs of the Colombian society:

It is well known that cumbia and the Colombian vallenato make millions of people in the world dance for their sticky melody. In the coffee country it is common to listen and dance in a family gathering. And by the way of being of Colombian It is one of the activities they love to do most.

If one knows a Colombian You will notice that they are very cheerful, conservative and unpunctual. The part of Colombia where these customs are most accentuated is in the Caribbean coasts. And for the cheerful way of being of Colombians They easily start a conversation.

The usual greeting among men is a handshake. Women, on the other hand, use a verbal greeting or kiss on the cheek. The most usual greetings are: Good morning! How are you ?; and to say goodbye it is usual to say goodbye If one was invited to a family reunion, it is common to see the organizers at the end of the meeting accompanying those present to the door of the house.

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