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Continental Airlines luggage: hand and cabin

If we travel through the Continental Airlines airline we must take into account the following recommendations on the hand and cabin luggage in order to avoid any setback at the time of boarding.

If we carry toiletries in the hand luggage we must carry them in a transparent plastic bag that closes tightly and does not exceed the size of 19 × 20 centimeters.

In addition, they cannot exceed the capacity of 100 milliliters. (Some products such as baby food, medicines, milk or others, are allowed even if they exceed the indicated size but must be declared in the Transportation Security Administration.

The hand luggage which is not allowed may consist of a handbag and a personal item (the same as a laptop, a camera case, entertainment or other items). Both should be placed on the plane or on top in the luggage compartments or in the front of our seat.

If we depend on some help when walking such as crutches, wheelchairs, canes, among others, they can go with us on the trip, including other essential objects such as the baby’s car, child seat or diaper bag. As in other flights we can not carry white weapons or sharp objects between hand luggage (blades, razors, knives, among others).

Finally, it is important to indicate that in Continental Airlines as in the others airlines boarding the plane with electronic devices that could alter the operation of the aircraft is not allowed

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