Costa Brava Beaches

With a coastline that extends from the French border to Barcelona, ​​there are a considerable amount of beaches on the Costa Brava crying out for your attention. If you don’t know which one to choose, we give you some tips.

A good start to narrow the list of beaches is to look for those that have won the Blue flag of the European Union. This distinction is only given to those beaches with the 29 criteria of excellence that include from cleanliness, water quality to the number of lifeguards. For you to realize the quality of the Costa Brava, it has the highest concentration of Blue flags from Spain. This makes the task of choice somewhat difficult, but here are the highlights.

Located north of Palamós, the Castell beach It is one of the few sandy beaches that has been kept away from the tourist boom thanks to a strong local opposition. There are some beautiful coves at their ends, which are hidden by pine forests. The water is crystal clear and is ideal for diving. You can also take a walk along the old smuggler’s path or explore old Iberian settlements east of the beach. There are some stores where they sell beer and snacks.

Aigua BlavaIt is a peaceful beach where you can escape the noise and crowds of clubs and towns. The water is very clean and calm. Gently bathe the golden sands of silver. The surface is not very large, which gives you an intimate feeling, as if you are escaping everything.

Slightly larger than Aigua Blava it is Tamariu. The small inlet is reached after a short and scenic ride up the cliffs – an effort worthwhile. The sand is soft, the water is clean and the nearby amenities are very good, with cozy restaurants and shops aligned with the promenade, ensuring a “rest” of relaxation for those eccentrics who need it.

Llafranc, although larger than the two aforementioned beaches, it is small enough to feel in a cozy place. The port is picturesque and there is enough space for children to enjoy without disturbing anyone. The sand is perfect for relaxation and tanning. How can you expect from a beach Blue flag, the restaurants on the boardwalk are first class ensuring a good meal.

This list is just a small look at the excellent beaches you can find. Of course, as long as I have Blue flag, expect high levels of satisfaction. While the best times to visit the Costa Brava They are between May and June (before the crowds) and September to October (after the crowds), the beauty and quality of the place assure you that if you find a crowded beach, you can always go to the next one to relax.

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