Cross-country ski circuits in Navarra

Navarra is a charming city that houses an infinite number of outstanding tourist attractions, as well as a huge list of possibilities and activities that we can do during our stay.

Cross-country ski circuits of Navarra

Cross-country skiing in Navarra

One of the most requested demands has to do with the practice of cross-country skiing, where fans and professionals join in a fantastic adventure through the most surprising scenarios. Would you dare to do some skiing in Navarra?

Navarra has the best selection of cross-country ski circuits to practice at different levels, with a beautiful landscape view of the city, in the heart of wonderful forests located in the north. In that sense, there is no better destination in Spain where you can practice so many sports together, under the climate and welcoming framework of a charming city.

Cross-country ski circuits in Navarra

Where to practice cross-country skiing

It is important to note that in Navarra two key areas are distinguished for cross-country skiing, each with specific characteristics. We are talking about two very popular stations in the region. The first one is the Roncal Mountain Activity Center, a huge track that goes back to 2008 of its construction, with a privileged extension of 19 kilometers perfectly conditioned. A good amount of travelers and tourists interested in learning to ski can reach here.

That is why the Roncal Mountain Activity Center has two specific areas, one of which consists of five circuits at an easy level, with a height of 1600 meters. Instead, the other area has three intermediate level circuits with a height of 1700 meters.

In second place is the Abodi-Irati Ski Center, it is located in the Salazar Valley, with an average height of 1400 meters and a pleasant extension of 20 kilometers. During the time of heavy snowfall, another highly recommended area may be in the mountains of Urbasa-AndΓ­a.

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