Cross-country skiing in Navarra

If we look for where to practice cross-country skiing, it is important to know that Navarra is one of the recommended Spanish destinations for this activity.

Cross-country-skiing of Navarra

Skiing in Navarra

Navarra is a benchmark destination for cross-country skiing in Spain and its forests and slopes are ideal for practice. It is important to indicate that cross-country skiing was initially practiced with sliders similar to snowshoes but then the surfaces were lengthened and narrowed in order to make them smoother and favor their sliding on icy surfaces.

Cross-country skiing in Navarra

In Navarra we can practice this sport, also called Nordic skiing, while we enjoy the main areas for this practice: the Roncal Mountain Activity Center station and the Abodi-Irati Ski Center.

Cross-country skiing in Navarra

The Roncal Mountain Activities Center offers us almost twenty kilometers of extension, the same ones that are equipped to practice this sport.

Here we will find two zones: El Ferial – Zampori, which is divided into five easy level circuits and is located just over a thousand six hundred meters. And, the area known as the Contest, where there are three circuits that extend in a total of five kilometers.

Cross-country skiing Navarra

Another recommended center for cross-country skiing in Navarra is the Abodi-Irati Ski Center. Located on the jungle of the Irati Valley and at a height of over one thousand four hundred meters, this center has more than twenty kilometers of tracks.

Now, if there is heavy snowfall, we should not think that we will stay without practicing this sport since this municipality has thought about this option and in front of this case it offers us some tracks conditioned in the areas of the mountains of Aralar and Urbasa-AndΓ­a, where we will have equal space to practice cross-country skiing and also a lot of natural beauty around.

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