Cross-country skiing in Teruel

If we are looking for a very healthy aerobic activity but where we do not have as many inclinations as in traditional skiing, we can do cross-country skiing.

Practice cross-country skiing

This sport (also called Nordic) will allow us to work all the muscles of the body and strengthen them since although there are no slopes, to move forward we constantly push ourselves with our arms and legs. It can be done on trails, forest tracks, and various natural areas where we can enjoy the panorama and rural tranquility.

Skiing in Teruel

The different offers for cross-country skiing in Teruel have an average duration of three and a half hours. In the first part the basic techniques are taught and in the second part an excursion is made within the selected circuit (if there is snow in suitable conditions, they will regularly offer us a descent through the forest as part of the route).

Cross-country skiing in Teruel

The necessary accessories such as skis, boots and poles are included in the offers. About clothing it is important to clarify that we do not have to wrap ourselves up like in traditional skiing and it is best to be comfortable and with clothes that do not limit our mobility.

A cross-country ski track in Teruel is Los Griegos (also known as the Cross-Country Ski Circuit of La Muela de San Juan). This is located in the Muela de San Juan in full Universal Montes to a little more than one thousand eight hundred meters of altitude and with more than twenty kilometers of land where we can perform this sport. Here we will find all the necessary equipment, qualified guides, restaurant, among others.

Cross country ski

Country houses in Teruel

If we want to live a complete experience in Teruel and we don't go to the stations we can opt for a stay in some of the rural houses in the city. The prices of the stay in the rural houses vary according to the season in which we go skiing and go from 20 euros per person.

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