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Cruises for singles: what they are, types and existing offer

Cruises for singles or singles They are trips that are focused on people without a partner. In them there are not only activities to flirt, but they are a good option to make new friends, relax and meet new destinations. In this article, we tell you how they are and we talk about the main destinations.

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Types of cruises

Not all singles have the same tastes or hobbies. Therefore, we can find different types of cruises to singles, each one focused on a group of people different.

It should be pointed out that, depending on the travel agency and the shipping company, some ships are exclusive for single, divorced and widowed, while others are boats for all in which groups of single people are organized that will have activities focused on them .

The main types of cruises for singles that you can find are the following:

For young
focused on people between 30 and 45 years old. There is usually an important night and party offer.
With children
for single or divorced parents who want to enjoy a trip with their children while meeting new people. There are activities for both children and adults.
Over 50 years
These cruises are focused on people over 50 years old wanting to visit new destinations and enjoy comfort on board. In them you can also find elderly people.
here people with the same beliefs are known and activities are carried out both focused on religion and typical of a cruise.
for more demanding travelers who want to enjoy luxury aboard a ship.
Gay-oriented cruises where there are usually both couples and singles. You have more information in this article: Gay or LGBT cruises.
They are cruises for those people who like to practice nudism and also seek to relax.

The price varies a lot depending on the type of cruise, the destinations that are visited, the time that lasts… There are some that are cheap while others are more exclusive. As for the dates, in summer there is a great offer, but also in other times such as Easter or winter.

Destinations and companies

Mexico It is one of the destinations that most attracts singles. Therefore, there are cruises that pass through this country, as well as some Caribbean islands such as Roatán.

In other areas of Latin America you will also find some options. There are those that leave from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and pass through Brazil, whose origin is Colombia and travel through the best areas of Venezuela, which begin in Puerto Rico, etc. As for the United States, one of the main ports is in Miami.

In Spain There is also an important offer. Most of them leave from Barcelona and cross the Mediterranean Sea and some of its most prominent cities such as Nice or Rome.

Other destinations in high demand in Europe are the Greek Islands to the Norwegian Fjords. There are even rivers, which cross rivers such as the Danube or the Rhine.

On the other hand, one of the most prominent companies in which there is a cruise offer for singles is MSC Cruises, which has the call Friends Club. Some travel agencies organize cruises on ships from Pullmantur and Royal Caribbean, among others.

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