Cruises on the Greek Islands

Visit the beauty of the islands of the greek coast it cannot be a sweeter task than from the hand of a company of cruise ships To adopt our requirements and make them yours.

greek islands cruises

Usually cruise tours They are ideal for small families in which members can spend time together overnight while in the morning they can opt for one of the tours to the harbor cities that host the ship.

Here are some of the most tempting offers:

greek islands cruise

THE Victoria Coast:

With the Victoria Coast we can travel in first class in one of the several Costa cruises, famous for their good service and varied guide of walks on land. This cruise will take us from Venice to the city of Bari, passing through Katakolon, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. A walk for the senses.

The Harmony:

An MSC cruise, which also departs from Venice to take a tour that goes from Bari to Venice. Athens and Santorini are on the line.

The Blue Star:

With the Blue Star, we will meet the Croatian city of Dubrovnikn to continue with Rhodes, Mykonos and Athens. The beauty of the Mediterranean just to start.

The Navigator of the Seas:

7 nights of a vacation that passes through Sicily, Greece and Turkey.

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