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Cultural tourism: trip to Alcalá de Henares

Located 30 kilometers east of Madrid, Alcalá de Henares is one of the most populous and most important cities in the region of Henares River. Alcalá de Henares has had several names over time, from Complutun (means Castle on the Henares River) during the Roman Empire until Alcala de Henares, in the twelfth century. Being in 1499 that the famous is founded Alcalá University, the same that allowed this city to become a center of knowledge and culture; and, made it be declared City World Heritage by UNESCO at the end of the 20th century.

Alcala de Henares It is considered a unique city in Spain for Unesco and its motto is to be “the city of knowledge”, therefore, if we have as a travel destination the city of Alcala de Henares, it is essential that we take a tourist tour of the main tourist and cultural attractions of this city. Among the activities and cultural tours that we can do in Alcalá de Henares, we have:

The Magisterial Cathedral Beautiful example of the Gothic style within which you can see the relics of the Holy Children Justo and Pastor; The Diosesano Museum is located next to the Magisterial Cathedral.

The Archbishop’s Palace. Former residence of the archbishops of Toledo, in the Archbishop’s Palace there was the first interview between Christopher Columbus and the Catholic kings. The headquarters of the Bishopric of Alcala.

Museum of the Natal House of Cervantes. This house dates from the 17th century and is where the genius of the letters Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra lived.

Regional Archaeological Museum. This museum that breaks with the conventional using as a basis the audiovisual media. It opened in 1999 and is located in the former Dominican convent of the Mother of God.

If what we are looking for is cultural leisure, Alcala de Henares It has five theaters, where works and shows are presented permanently and for all types of audiences. In addition, we can see presentations of the Lyrical Complutense Society, the Complutense Symphonic Band, and the City of Alcalá Orchestra.

In addition, within cultural tourism activities what can we do in Alcala de HenaresThere are celebrations that take place in the city, highlighting:

•February. Carnival Gastronomic Week, Delivery of the Cervantes Prize for Literature, Book Fair, and Holy Week in Alcalá.

•April. Beginning of the season of El Tren de Cervantes.

•June. Alcalá classical theater festival.

•September. Festivities of the Virgen del Val, Cervantine gastronomic days, and autumnal edition of the Tapas Route.

•November. Alcalá de Henares Film Festival.

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