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Currency – Cuba

The official currency of Cuba It is the Cuban peso, however, tourists can buy products or pay for services with the Cuban convertible peso (CUC). Cuban pesos have 1,3,5,10,20,50 and 100 pesos bills, while in currencies there are denominations of 1.5 and 20 cents; and 1 and 3 pesos.

Tourists will be able to arrive on the island with foreign currencies having the option of making the currency exchange in airports, exchange houses, shops and banks. For the change we must know that a tax of 10 percent of the total is imposed on the exchange of US dollars, therefore, it is more convenient to travel with euros, pounds sterling or Canadian dollars.

A convertible peso is equal to 1.18 US dollars and with this currency we can pay almost everything we want on the island, except for some products from markets or street vendors where they will ask us Cuban pesos. That is, in relation to currency, we must take into account that in Cuba We will find places that only accept payments in CUC, others that accept payments in CUC and Cuban pesos, and others where we can only pay in Cuban pesos.

The shops of the island accept payments with credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard International, Dinners Club International, Bancomer International Eurocard, and others, as long as they are not issued by any North American bank or subsidiary thereof.

In relation to the prices of different services and products of the island, we can indicate that, for example, a tourist can buy a bottle of wine for 600 CUC, have dinner for 30 CUC, stay in a villa for 150 CUC and stay in a house particular for an average of 20 CUC daily.

The currency exchange It is official and you can check the daily price on the website of the Central Bank of Cuba.

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