Customs – Andorra

The social conventions Y customs from Andorra They are very similar to those of Spain. The handshake is the most natural way to greet each other. If you are invited to a house or party you will have to implement the basic rules of courtesy (speak in a moderate tone, table manners, do not abuse the confidence of the host, etc.). There is no mandatory garment, and casual clothing is widespread. The Andorrans, living in a very diverse country with a tourist vocation, make an effort to understand your language.

Party in Andorra

Culture traditional in the country it is highly appreciated, and its people like to celebrate it with joy. Proof of this is the number of major parties in the principality. Each town has some commemorative motive. Folk dances are a common denominator in these celebrations. The squares explode in dances like the marratxa, the dance of Santa Anna, the back cover and the sardana.

Sardana dance in Andorra

The most common food is usually meat. Dishes traditional They include deer meat, wild boar and duck. The mixture of various types of meat is very common. Mountain dishes such as fondue are also consumed.

Andorra gastronomy

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