Culture and traditions

Customs – Austria

Austria It is characterized by being part of a very elegant and educated culture, its people are very hospitable, it is a tradition that passes from generation to generation, they value education so they avoid speaking loudly or saying rudeness in front of an Austrian to be well received in your community. If you are invited to a meal, arrive on time, they value it just like the English.

In Austria, harmony is very important, they have managed to integrate notably the modern with the old, the luxury with the popular. Dancing and music carnivals are very busy, at any time of the year you can enjoy concerts, operas or festivals, throughout the Austrian territory. Also on the street you will find violinists, jugglers, singers, it is a town that values ​​art very much.

Austrian families are not very effusive, except in public, but it is the core of the most important society. Your children are carefully educated and receive all the attention of adults. From a very young age, they usually practice winter sports and appreciate music, so they learn to play an instrument.

Religious practices are not extinguished in Austria, its church It is a great spiritual and economic power, receiving 1% of the income of each citizen, dismissing this contribution runs the risk of not finding burial in consecrated land, one of the customs that still persists is to give a cream cake in Easter week.

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