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Customs – China

The customs in China They can vary greatly from those in the West, although there are things that always remain the same.

Perhaps the most different are the table rules of etiquette. The first thing is that except for the rice bowls, all the dishes are shared. The Chinese can be very tolerant of manners, but they may find it very annoying to see that you do not handle them well. chopsticks. Some recommendations are:

  • Never use chopsticks to examine a plate of food. Go straight to what you want. Once you take it, you cannot return it.
  • Do not put the chopsticks vertically in your rice bowl, it is a connotation that you want the death of everyone around you.
  • Do not use chopsticks as drum sticks. It is a serious offense.
  • If any piece of food is very difficult to hold, help yourself with a spoon. Don’t try to skewer the food with the tips of the chopsticks.

In China It is normal to invite and pay the entire bill. Splitting the account is usually done only among the youngest. Finally, at the time of toasting, “ganbei” is said and the whole glass is taken. If you do not feel like drinking it is better to say that you are allergic, than to simply tell the truth.

The tips they are not common in China. Generally, what is considered as a tip in some countries, in China It is an extra charge (such as payment at the hotel for the doorman to open the door late at night).

As to politics, it is better not to argue sensitive issues like Tibet, Taiwan, the Japanese atrocities in World War II or the Tiananmen revolt. The Chinese have their own way of seeing things and the Western perspective seems impertinent.

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