Culture and traditions

Customs – Denmark

A special feature in the Danes is their respect for others, which is why Denmark, in 1989 he became the first European country to legalize marriage between two people of the same sex, this speak very well of his people and culture because they are tolerant people, who bet on the freedom and justice of others; since they faithfully follow their laws and Constitution.

Although it is a very modern country, the Danes value their traditions and customs, always putting their flag, their queen and their currency in front because for them all these elements are a fundamental part of their cultural heritage, that does not imply that it is serious, on the contrary among its inhabitants you will find very relaxed and cheerful attitudes, for some tourists it will be difficult to understand the humor and Danish sarcasm.

A custom very established in Denmark is to ride a bicycle, the Danes usually move this way for short distances, although if they have a good physique they do not hesitate to make longer trips. There are parking lots and special routes for those who opt for this means of transport, as it also represents energy savings and a contribution to the environment.

A nationalist value which is also valued in the Danes is their sense of hospitality, when visiting a Danish you will realize that you always worry about being an excellent host, preparing the best dishes and drinks, but always remember that you should not arrive unexpectedly because they do not you allow to receive you with the attention they usually do. The home and the Danish family are very important, they usually spend free time with their families and friends, the houses are spacious, with large gardens to always offer comfort to their guests, that’s why the term “Hygge” It is important for them because it means feeling comfortable and at peace with their surroundings, enjoying their more personal environment.

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