Culture and traditions

Customs – French Polynesia

Polynesians really enjoy meeting in groups, to dance, pray and sing. Everyday life consists of numerous meetings, joyful parties on Friday nights and Sunday attendance at Mass.

The tamure it’s traditional dance and contemporary music is the kaina porinetia, which is danced by all the inhabitants. Their dances have an erotic and provocative load. When the missionaries arrived in Polynesia, these dances left them very surprised, especially the timorodee and dancing as a couple upaupa.

Her dress stands out for being vibrant colors and accompanied by a typical accessory, the necklace of interwoven flowers.

Among the manifestations of local crafts, we highlight the fabrics of pandanus to make tablecloths, bags and hats. They are made with the leaves of pandanos that are large and thin trees that grow at the seashore.

The tifaifai They are brightly colored sheets that are made in some islands and it is tradition to give them as a symbol of welcome and wedding gift.

It is very traditional in the region that the monoe, a fragrance that is a mixture of coconut oil and flowers.

The welcome greeting is a kiss on the cheek. The way of dressing is relaxed, so there are no standards of dress or fashion.

Before entering a Polynesian home, it is a rule to take off your shoes at the entrance. You may not be offered cutlery at lunchtime because some dishes are eaten by hand

Unlike many places in the world, there are no differences according to sex, both men and women are treated in the same way and on equal terms.

The family in Polynesia is seen as a large institution formed not only by parents and children but also by aunts, nephews, distant cousins ​​and adopted children called faamu.

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