Culture and traditions

Customs – Greece

In Greece, the Easter week It is the most important religious holiday, that is why they have a very particular and a little dangerous custom. Exactly in the Chios Island, two rival churches light thousands of fireworks to send to each other. This tradition began in 1889, when in the occupation of Ottoman they confiscated the canyons of the Island, and the villagers prepared their own rockets. The objective is to knock the bell of the Church of the opponent.

The inhabitants of Greece are very friendly with tourists, the most common way to greet each other is the handshake, but friends and relatives hug and kiss. If it is day, try the phrase “Kaliméra sas” to say “good morning” and “Kalispéra sas” for “Good afternoon.”

There is an ancient legend that any stranger can be God, that’s why they kindly treat visitors. That hospitality is still present until now, it is very common to arrive at a Greek house without invitation, although they usually invite all their friends all the time. You must arrive with flowers, chocolates or a good wine, remember that it is impolite to leave traces of food on the plate, and if they offer you to repeat accept because if they do not take it as a displacement.

Women usually spend the afternoon talking at the doors of their homes, it happens that most of the Greek life happens on the street. The men go out to play cards at night and do so until dawn.

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