Culture and traditions

Customs – Holland

While in many countries they celebrate the arrival of St nicolas On December 6, in Holland the festivities begin in November with the arrival of the Bishop by boat, this celebration is broadcast even on television. It is December 5, from noon all gifts are given from noon, the work is suspended and the Saint is celebrated.

The bike It is the primary means of transport in Holland, after China, it is the country with the most bicycles in the world. While there are 16 million inhabitants who live there, there are 14 million bicycles for them. The rails They are very safe and there are establishments where you can rent them, be careful to buy one on the street because it must be stolen bicycles.

In Holland you can buy hashish, marijuana, grass, pores and everything concerning smoking, so if you are fond of bongwater, in this destination you will feel free because you can consume in authorized coffee shops. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are also consumed, but it is not massive. In Holland only 5% of its population bets on these soft drugs.

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