Culture and traditions

Customs – Hungary

The Hungarian They tend to receive tourists with great hospitality and attention, as well as with their countrymen, they are affectionate people who kindly treat their visitors. Even if they don’t speak the same language they will try to help you find an address or offer you good advice to choose a restaurant.

Kind and friendly people

The love they offer is very sincere, so they look you straight in the eye when they talk and smile all the time, in their behavior they will look very simple and deep. When it comes to providing you should be very careful not to do it by hitting the jars directly as this reminds them of the invasion they suffered from Austria, as the Austrian soldiers celebrated their victory over Hungary.


They are people who really enjoy popular partiesThat is why they promote dancing, songs, toasts with wine and value good company. With regard to religion, they are very skeptical people and claim that this is why they excel in science and mathematics.

Enjoy the celebrations

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