Culture and traditions

Customs – Japan

The greeting in Japan It consists of leaning slightly from the waist, the trunk and head go together in a straight line. You have to lean a little more with a person of greater hierarchy (an elder or older person). Care must be taken not to make an exaggerated movement by leaning a moment at 15, 25 or 45 is enough. In the case of men, the hands go to the sides; in women’s, these are joined on the skirt.

According to japanese customIt is impolite to eat or drink while walking on the street or in a public place. In restaurants, a small towel is given to clean your hands before you start eating. Too before starting the food is appreciated saying “itadakimasu” and at the end of “gochisosama”, but not who served the meal but it is something similar to bless the table.

If you eat together with other people you should wait until another do it for us. In the same way you have to be aware when you finish your meal or drink to a partner, in order to serve you more. A curious issue is that if one is invited to eat at a house, it is bad Education Help raise the table, you must let them do everything for you.

Yes of traditions We talked, one of the best known is the tea ceremony. It is always done in a quiet room, so the behavior must be the same. The sitting position is in “seiza”, a typical Japanese posture, similar to squatting with the knees resting on it. When serving the vase of tea should be turned 180 degrees clockwise and only then drink a little. Then you turn it again in the same way and you pass the person next to you.

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