Culture and traditions

Customs – Jordan

Jordan It is a very hospitable country for tourists. Jordanians will be respectful as long as their culture, Islam and the king of Jordan. Therefore it is recommended to wear modest clothes to religious sites and not comment against the monarchy, which has great popular support.

Despite this, Jordan It is one of the most liberal countries in the region. Women can wear clothing regular (without being very revealing), without this causing discomfort among Jordanians. In fact, Western fashion is popular among young people.

However, there are still things to avoid. Signs of affection in public (kissing or hugging) are frowned upon. Homosexuality cannot be taken lightly, since the country is still very closed on the subject. Likewise, adultery and consensual sex between unmarried couples is illegal and can be punished with 3 years in prison.

A curious issue is the lack of respect Jordanians have for queues. It is common for people to get ahead or get in line without waiting for their turn. More than rejection, those affected try to do the same, which creates a chaos. Therefore it is better to turn a blind eye, avoid them or simply wait for them to culminate.

It should be taken into account that during the Ramadan (mid-August or September, until mid-September or October) and in the festivities From Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan), schedules for various services may vary. Many restaurants close for most of the day (except at sunset), and transportation is difficult to find.

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