Culture and traditions

Customs – Morocco

The greeting Among friends and family consists of three kisses on the cheek. This rarely applies between men and women. In more formal circumstances a handshake will suffice; However, if you want to show respect, after the squeeze, you must put your right hand where your heart is.

It is important to know that in the Muslim religion and in the Arab nomadic tribes the left hand is considered “dirty”, because it is reserved for hygiene in the bathroom. Therefore avoid greet or pay with the left hand. In its culture Left-handed people get their attention and they are educated as right-handed, but if you explain your situation there will be no misunderstandings.

It is habit that offer you a rate of Mint tea At least once a day. Even the most modest Moroccans are equipped with teapots and cups. Although sometimes the offer on the street can be a way to attract people to a store, it is always polite to accept. Before you start drinking, you have to look the host in the eye and say “ba saha ou raha” (“relax and enjoy”). It is not absolutely necessary, but it will impress any Moroccan.

It should be noted that a woman alone will feel more comfortable drinking or eating in a bakery or restaurant rather than in a cafe, since the latter are traditionally for men. This does not apply in the case of couples.

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