Culture and traditions

Customs of Peru

Among the main customs in the Peru there are your holidays, like:

The Inti Raymi Party.

It is celebrated on June 24, initially the celebration is in the Plaza de Armas of the city of Cusco, to continue in the Fortress of Sacsayhuamán. All the procedure performed by the Inca and the rites dedicated to the sun god, are taken from the chronicles of the Inca Garcilazo de la Vega.

The Lord of Muruhuay.

This celebration is due to the appearance of a cross engraved on a rock, by the year 1835. In that same place the inhabitants of Junín drew Christ.
From there when the celebrations are held all the people place under the Christ letters addressed to him as samples of faith.
Dances like huaynos, huaylas and much more are also performed.

Festival of the Marinera.

It takes place in northern Peru, specifically in Trujillo, between January 20 and 30. The main thing is the great contest of Marinera, where the age of the participants does not matter.
This dance is full of coquetry, where the woman makes herself known the agility and elegance of the couple, with each movement on the dance floor.
The movement of the feet must be exceptional, along with the courtship that must be shown between them.

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