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Customs – Russia

In Russia The way of life has varied in recent years but its some of its customs have not. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians have discovered freedom, as well as inflation, but despite the current changes they still retain traditions that characterize them. For example in the greeting, they do not greet with kisses, or handshake, they do it without touching, with a smile it will be enough to express a greeting.

Russian greeting

It is very important that you know that if a Muscovite invites you to eat, you must dress formally, in an elegant and well-maintained way, you must also bring a gift to the hosts, it can be a bottle of wine, chocolates or flowersEven if you doubt it, a bouquet of fresh flowers is the best gift you can offer a Russian, just keep in mind that it is a odd number because it will not have a funeral meaning.

Flowers for Russians

To celebrate some event, the Russians usually drink a lot, the toast from vodka They show the happiness they are living and the joy of sharing with their friends, do not be scared if you notice that they drink too much, they are not alcoholics, only that they enjoy the drink. In addition, temperatures below zero slightly cool the cold.

Russian customs

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